Social Realism

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Social Realism developed as a reaction against idealism and the exaggerated ego encouraged by Romanticism. Consequences of the Industrial Revolution became apparent; urban centers grew, slums proliferated on a new scale, contrasting with the display of wealth of the upper classes.

History is on course to repeat itself, but in a new age.

Social Realisms in the physical world have now manifested themselves within the Social Media World. As with the Industrial Revolution, the Social Media Revolution has encouraged an exaggerated ego by the informational upper class. A divide is growing between those who control the information on the established Social Media sites. The Social Media establishment has given birth to the informational caste system.
Like many before me, I seek to take the power from those who have it, and distribute it equally to those who don’t.
A new era is on the horizon. A social media movement is beginning.

Like all revolutions, change is inevitable.

Expect Me!


The arrival.

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The social media messiah has arrived.

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And he’s a NINJA!

So lets get some things straight.

  • If you’ve front paged, I’ve done it quicker.
  • Take the number of your social media friends, add infinity and you’re close to mine.
  • Behind my mask, is another front page story.
  • Zaibatsu and MrBabyMan massage my feet.
  • My balls are bigger than Mohamed Saleem’s. (Yes, his named is spelled correctly because I say it is.)
  • I buried Chuck Norris’s stories.
  • I spam Ron Paul.


  • I can front page in one vote.